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Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Linking to Pages in Your Collection

To help your user move between pages within your website, you will need to create links to those pages. These links should be relative links, which do not include the complete URL. For information about creating external or absolute links, refer to Linking to Internet Resources.

The following instructions are strongly recommended as the way to create links to pages within your web collection. Failure to create links with this method may result in a broken link. For example, a link to a specific file location (e.g., your H: drive) would not be accessible to web page viewers. As with other links and images, these links should be tested before the web page is published. For information on maintaining the links on your web pages, refer to Testing & Maintaining Links.

The URL should be the filename (and path if appropriate). If you see: file:///, the link will not work for your users.

  1. Select the text or image to be linked
    NOTE: When turning text into a link, choose the text wisely; the text should be relevant to the link it represents, making your pages and links more accessible for all users.

  2. From the Insert menu, select Hyperlink...
    On the Standard toolbar, click INSERT HYPERLINKInsert Hyperlink button
    The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.
    Insert Hyperlink dialog box

  3. Using the Look in pull-down list and other navigational aids, locate and select the desired file

  4. Click OK
    The link is created.

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