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Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Forms: Working with Option Buttons

Unlike checkboxes, which allow users to select multiple options, option buttons enable users to select only one option from a group of possible options.

NOTE: For more information about working with form fields, please refer to Inserting the First Form Field, Opening the Form Field Properties Dialog Box, and Terminology.

return to topInserting Option Buttons

  1. Open a FrontPage document

  2. Within the form boundary, place your insertion point where you want to insert the form field

  3. From the Insert menu, select Form » Option Button
    An option button and submit/reset buttons appear.
    Insert Submenu - Option Button selected

  4. Before or after the option button, type the desired text

  5. Proceed with Assigning the Name-Value Pair

return to topAssigning the Name-Value Pair

In a group of option buttons, the name must be the same for the whole group. This limits the user to select only one option button in the group. After the group name is specified, any option buttons created after the first button will have the group name automatically entered. If the buttons are all created before the group name is specified, the form creator must specify the same group name for each button in the group.

The name for the form field indicates what type of information you are prompting the user for or identifies what question you were asking the user, such as a group of option buttons that are all answers to the same question about UW-Eau Claire may have the name "UWEC".

The value of an option button is not visible to the user (as with text boxes). The value should identify what option the option button represented for the user, such as the location option button below is an option to answer "location" in response to the question and has the value "location".

When a user submits the form, the inputs are sent to the form developer via email; the value of the option button will be matched with the name of the option button.

The information the form developer receives may look like this:

name: value
EXAMPLE: UWEC: location

Therefore, the name UWEC identifies what question was being asked and the value indicates what the user answered for the particular question.

Option Button name - value pairs

To assign the name-value pair:

  1. Insert an option button

  2. Double click the option button
    Right click the option button » Form Field Properties...
    The Option Button Properties dialog box appears.
    Option Button Properties dialog box

  3. In the Group name text box, type the desired name

  4. In the Value text box, type the desired value

  5. For Initial State, select Selected or Not selected
    An initial state of selected means that, by default, the option button will be selected when a user views your page.
    NOTE: Use pre-selected options with caution. If you pre-select a response for users, they may not look at the alternative choices.

  6. Click OK

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