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Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Using Comments

FrontPage allows you to add comments to files and pages. These comments are hidden from web viewers but may be useful if you want to indicate the status of a page. Comments are also helpful for adding notes or information for other web designers. You may also use a comment to remind yourself of any corrections or updates that need to be made.

return to topAdding a Comment

  1. Open a FrontPage document

  2. Place the insertion point where you want the comment to appear

  3. From the Insert menu, select Comment...
    The Comment dialog box appears.
    Comment dialog box

  4. In the text box, type your comment

  5. Click OK
    The comment appears in a different color in the Design view of your page. It is not visible in the Preview view or when you preview the page in a browser.

Hiding the Comment from Design View

  1. Select the comment to be hidden

  2. At the bottom of your page, click SHOW CODE VIEW Code tab
    The comment is selected within the HTML code.

  3. Select webbot bot= "PurpleText" PREVIEW=
    HTML code of a comment

  4. Press [Delete]
    The comment

  5. Select the Design tab
    The comment remains in the HTML code, but in the Design view it is now represented byhidden comment.

return to topEditing a Comment

After a comment is no longer relevant to a page or file, you may want to make changes to it.

  1. Double click the comment to be edited
    The Comment dialog box appears showing the selected comment

  2. Edit the comment as desired

  3. Click OK
    The comment is edited.

return to topDeleting a Comment

If you no longer need a comment, you can delete it.

  1. Select the comment to be deleted

  2. Press [Delete]
    The comment is deleted.

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