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Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines (rules) can be used to give your page a more professional appearance and/or help divide it into sections, which can be easier for the reader.

return to topAdding Horizontal Lines

These instructions will insert a shaded, horizontal line which is 100% of the screen width and 2 pixels high. These default settings can be easily changed to customize the look of the horizontal line.

  1. Set your insertion point where the line should appear

  2. From the Insert menu, select Horizontal Line

return to topCustomizing Horizontal Lines

The following instructions show you how to customize horizontal lines to achieve the look you want. For examples of changes applied to the size, height, alignment, and shading attributes of horizontal lines, refer to Horizontal Lines Options.

  1. Add a horizontal line

  2. Double click the horizontal line
    With the line selected, from the Format menu, select Properties
    The Horizontal Line Properties dialog box appears.
    Horizontal Line Properties dialog box

  3. To adjust the length of the line across the screen, in the Width text box, type or use the nudge buttons to select the desired width
    NOTE: The width can be entered as a percentage of the window size or as a number of pixels.

  4. To adjust the thickness of the line, in the Height text box, type or use the nudge buttons to select the desired height

  5. To adjust the placement on the screen, under Alignment, select Left, Center, or Right

  6. To adjust the color, under Color, from the Color pull-down list, make the appropriate selection
    The color of the line does not appear when viewing the page using Netscape; however, it will be shown in Internet Explorer 4 and later versions.
    To see a wider variety of colors or to create your own custom color, select More Colors...

  7. To remove the shadow effect, under Color, select Solid line (no shading)
    The option is selected if a checkmark appears in the box.

  8. Click OK

return to topMoving Horizontal Lines

The following instructions show you how to move horizontal lines to a new location.

  1. Add a horizontal line

  2. Select the horizontal line you wish to move by clicking it once

  3. Drag the horizontal line to the desired location

  4. Release the mouse button
    The horizontal line is moved.

return to topDeleting Horizontal Lines

It is easy to remove horizontal lines when you no longer want them or want to change their location.

  1. Select the horizontal line to be deleted by clicking it once

  2. The horizontal line is deleted.

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