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Microsoft Excel 2007

Tables Overview

In Excel 2007, a Table is a range of data that can be sorted, filtered, and formatted according to user specifications.

Excel Tables are simple databases, which are stored in Excel workbook files. Excel prefers the term table for its database-like tools and features in order to distinguish them from database applications such as Access. This document provides a basic overview of Tables in Excel 2007.

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Excel Tables are made up of columns, column labels, and rows; they can be sorted and/or filtered according to your specifications.

determine the informational structure of table rows
NOTE: These are the same as database fields.

Column Labels
identify columns; they often have special formatting
NOTE: These are the same as database field names.

contain specific data, according to column labels
NOTE: These are the same as database records.

button at top of each Table column; provides quick access to sort and filter tools

arranges Table data in order according to text, numbers, time, date, or specific criteria (also see Using the Sort Command).
NOTE: Unlike filter, sort displays all table data, but puts them in a specific order.

displays only data meeting criteria you specify (e.g., name, year) (also see Filtering Your Database).
NOTE: Unlike sorting, filtering hides some table data, showing only that which fits your criteria.

Table Terms

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There are a few things to consider before creating your Table:

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