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Microsoft Excel 2007

Using Print Preview

Using Print Preview allows you to view what your work will look like once it is printed.

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  1. In the top left corner of the Excel window, click OFFICE BUTTON File button

  2. From the drop-down menu, click theArrow buttonnext to PRINT... » select Print Preview
    The window changes to Print Preview.
    The Print Preview command tab appears.

  3. When finished previewing, click CLOSE PRINT PREVIEWClose Print Preview button

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Once you are in the Print Preview view there are a few unique commands available from the Print Preview command tab.

Button Command
Close Print Preview button Returns to Normal view
Next Page button Previews the next page of your sheet
Previous Page button Previews the previous page of your sheet
Show Margin button Displays or hides sheet margins
When sheet margins are displayed, you can adjust them by dragging.
For more information on margins, refer to Adjusting the Margins
Zoom button Alters the size at which your sheet is previewed
NOTE: There are two possible sizes; the Zoom button toggles between these two sizes.
Page Setup button Opens the Page Setup dialog box
NOTE: For more information on the Page Setup dialog box, refer to About the Excel Page Setup Dialog Box.
Print button
Opens the Print dialog box
Clicking PRINT while in Print Preview returns you to Normal view.
To learn more about printing, refer to Excel Printing Basics.
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