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Microsoft Excel 2008

Using Preview Before Printing

Using Preview allows you to view what your work will look like once it is printed. Preview is a program that comes standard with the Macintosh operating system, and you can also use it to view PDF files and images.

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  1. From the File menu, select Print...
    The Print dialog box appears.

  2. Click PREVIEW
    The Preview program opens and your document appears.

  3. To print, click PRINT
    A Print dialog box will not open.
    The Preview program remains open.
    Your document will print.

  4. To close Preview, from the Preview menu, select Quit Preview

return to top Preview Commands

Once you are in the Preview program, there are a few unique commands available on the toolbar.

Button Function
Drawer Icon Provides a thumbnail overview of all of your pages. It will be displayed if you have more than one page. You can hide or display the Drawer by clicking on the Drawer icon
Previous page icon Previews the previous page of your sheet
Next page icon Previews the next page of your sheet
Zoom in and zoom out icons Alters the size at which your sheet is previewed

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