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Microsoft Excel 2007

Gradebook: Phase 3
Entering the Grades

Once you have your gradebook framework established, you are ready to enter grades. Depending on your working style and timeframe, you may want to add the formulas and functions for calculating grades before entering them. If that is the case, skip to Calculating Subtotal Points and Percentages and return to Entering the Grades when you are ready to enter grades for individual projects, quizzes, or assignments.

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You can enter student grades after each grading event in the semester or all at once. For more information, refer to Getting Started with Excel: Entering Text.

NOTE: It is easy to share grade information with your students through personalized emails created with Word Mail Merge and your gradebook.

return to topUsing Freeze Panes

If your class is large, you may want the grade headings to remain stationary at the top of the worksheet as you enter grades. If you have many items that you are grading (many columns), you may want to see the student names as you enter grades in the far right columns. Freezing panes will allow you to do both. For more information, refer to Navigating Through Your Large Workbook: Freezing the Panes.

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