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Microsoft Excel 2007

Gradebook: Phase 1
Capturing Student Names

The first step in creating a gradebook with Microsoft Excel is to capture the student names efficiently and place that information in a worksheet. Once you receive the gradebook information, it can be used in a variety of applications and formats, including worksheets. The following steps provide guidance for moving the information into a worksheet.

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Gradebook allows a faculty/staff member to receive a list of the students in a particular class in the form of an email message. This feature is available to faculty and staff members at UW-Eau Claire through email.

NOTE: To ensure readability for your recipients, a Plain Text or Rich Text format should be used. For instructions on how to accomplish this, refer to Setting a Default Message Format (Outlook | Entourage).

The campus email system provides two options for obtaining a list of student names without having to type them:

returns last name, first name, middle initial, email name, university ID, and classification for each student

returns email name, last name, first name, and middle initial for each student

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Obtaining the names of your students through Gradebook or Getlist is more efficient than keying the names in one by one. For information on how to do this refer to Obtaining a List of Students in the Using Getlist and Gradebook document (Outlook | Entourage).

NOTE: This option is only available to faculty and staff.

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Once you receive the Gradebook or Getlist information, it can be used in a variety of applications and formats, including worksheets. The following instructions provide guidance for moving the information into an Excel worksheet.

If you are using a commercial gradebook program, and it allows for direct copy and paste for entering the names, copy and paste the information directly from Outlook email to your program. Otherwise, use the following instructions.

  1. Open your email program

  2. Locate the message obtained from your Getlist or Gradebook request

  3. On the Message tab, in the Find group, click SELECT » select Select All
    Press [Ctrl] + [A]

  4. Press [Ctrl] + [C]
    This puts a copy of the text into the computer's internal memory area known as the Clipboard.

  5. Open Excel

  6. Create a new worksheet
    If you have already started entering information into your worksheet, move to a new sheet

  7. In a new sheet, click in the A2 cell
    NOTE: The first row is left blank to add titles for the columns, if necessary.

  8. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click PASTE Paste button
    Press [Ctrl] + [V]
    All of your data should appear on the worksheet.

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If the information is copied and pasted into a worksheet, each student will appear on a separate row and the information will be divided by columns. For example, column A will contain the full name, column B will contain the username, and so on. If the message is saved as text and opened in Excel or Lotus, the text will need to be converted into the worksheet format. The file is saved in a tab-delimited format.

Once the information is in the worksheet, you may need to adjust column widths and delete unneeded information. For more information, refer to Excel Gradebook: Phase 2: Cleaning up the Data for Use.

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To learn more about the Gradebook feature, refer to Descriptions of Student Distribution Lists.

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