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Microsoft Excel 2007

Functions: Concatenate

The Concatenate function creates a text string by pulling data from specified fields. This function can join information such as first and last names, or names and scores, which are in separate fields. Up to 255 fields may be added together in this fashion. The result is a text string, which cannot be used in calculations.

Concatenate is faster than copying and pasting, especially when creating complex text strings, or multiple text strings using identical sets of fields. To create multiple text strings using identical sets of fields, use the Fill command.

  1. Open the desired Excel worksheet

  2. Select the cell where you would like the result of the function to appear
    HINT: If you will be using the Fill command to create text strings for each row of data, select a cell in the same row as the information you will use to create the text string.

  3. On the Formulas command tab, in the Function Library group, click INSERT FUNCTIONInsert Function button
    The Insert Function dialog box appears.

  4. From the Or select a category pull-down list, select All or Text

  5. From the Select a function scroll box, select CONCATENATE

  6. Click OK
    The Function Arguments dialog box appears.

  7. In the Text 1 text box, type the cell ID containing the first field to appear in the text string
    1. Click COLLAPSE DIALOGCollapse Dialog box button
    2. On your worksheet, select the cell to include
    3. Click RESTORE DIALOGRestore Dialog box button

  8. To add supplementary text between fields, in a separate text box, type the text in quotation marks
    To add a space between fields, in a separate text box, type quote marks with a space in between (" ")
    Function Arguments dialog box

  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for as many of the Text text boxes as necessary
    When you click in the last text box available, another will appear, up to a maximum of 255.
    If you are using more text boxes than can be displayed, use the scroll bar on the right to view them.

  10. Click OK
    The text string appears in the selected cell and the formula appears in the Formula bar.
    Example of Concatenate function in the Forumula bar

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