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Microsoft Excel 2007/2008

Worksheet Terms

Like all other areas of computer technology, Microsoft Excel worksheets have their own "language." This list of common terms is provided to serve as a reference for you as you work in Excel.

The intersection of a column and row. Information is stored in cells.

Cell Pointer
The cell pointer is similar to Word's insertion point. It selects or marks the current cell (where the next activity is going to take place). The Excel pointer changes shape depending on location and corresponding function. For more information, refer to Pointer Shapes.

Cell References
The address, consisting of the column and row IDs, of a specific cell. The current cell location is displayed in the upper left corner of the worksheet.

A vertical group of cells within a worksheet.

A set of instructions which perform a calculation based on numbers entered in the cell or numbers entered in other cells (referred to by cell references). All formulas begin with the equal sign (=).

A pre-programmed formula. The function performs the calculation based on the cells referenced in the function. All functions begin with the equal sign (=).

A group of cells. Ranges are often referenced for formulas, printing, and designating information to be copied or cut. Ranges can be selected by clicking and dragging over the cells.

A horizontal group of cells within a worksheet.

A number that can be used in an Excel calculation.

A collection of worksheets contained within a single file.

A single layer or single sheet within the workbook. A worksheet can contain data, charts, or both. Instead of compiling all of your information into one worksheet, you can create several worksheets within the one workbook file. With this organization, similar information is grouped together to make it easier to locate and use. The worksheets for your workbook will vary based on its content and purpose.
EXAMPLE: If you want one file containing the gradebooks for all sections you teach, each section can be on a separate sheet.
NOTE: The terms worksheet and spreadsheet are often used interchangeably.

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