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Microsoft Excel 2003/2004

Using the Paste Special Feature

Excel's standard Copy and Paste feature works for a wide variety of situations; however, occasions may arise when it does not meet your needs. For example, if you want the results of a formula but no longer need the formula itself, you can isolate the results using the Paste Special command. Additional Paste Special options include the following:

Example: To copy and paste only the results of a formula:

  1. Select the cell(s) whose values should be copied

  2. From the Edit menu, select Copy
    A moving border appears around your selection.

  3. Select the first cell where the results should be pasted

  4. From the Edit menu, select Paste Special...
    The Paste Special dialog box appears.
    Paste Special dialog box

  5. Under Paste, select Values

  6. Click OK
    The results of the formula are pasted into the selected cell(s).

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