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Microsoft Excel 2003/2004

Gradebook: Printing Tips

Excel allows you to print only the information that is necessary or most helpful from your worksheet. You have the option to select which rows and columns to print and how you would like these columns and rows to appear on the printout.

return to topRepeating Columns and Rows

If your gradebook worksheet contains multiple pages, repeating the columns and rows that contain headings or labels will help improve the readability and usability of the printed gradebook. For information on how to do this, refer to Other Printing Options: Repeating Items on Each Page.

return to topHiding Columns and Rows

One problem you may have with your gradebook is that you might want to post grades along with an ID number, but there are columns between the ID number and the grades you want to post. The solution is to hide the columns between the ID numbers and the grades you want to post. Then, set your print area for those two visible columns. For more information, refer to Hiding Columns, Rows, and Cells.

return to topPrinting the Worksheet or the Set Print Area

Setting a print area allows you to select what will be printed from your gradebook worksheet. Only the print area you set will actually print. For example, you may want to print only the ID numbers and the current test scores. Setting the print area to only contain the ID numbers and test scores would allow you to do this. If the columns containing this information are not contiguous, they will print on separate pages, so you will need to hide the columns in between before setting the print area.

Once you have set the print area, you are ready to print all or part of your worksheet. Excel provides many options for customizing your print jobs. For more information, refer to Printing Basics: Defining the Print Area.

return to topChanging to Landscape View

As gradebook worksheets are often quite wide, they may expand across multiple pages. Depending on your gradebook, setting the paper orientation to landscape (wide) may help save paper and improve readability. For information on how to do this, refer to Customizing Page Layout: Changing the Orientation.

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If your gradebook worksheet almost fits on one page or you simply want to force it to fit on a single page, you can do this by adjusting the scale of the printout. For more information, refer to Customizing Page Layout: Adjusting the Scale.

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