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Microsoft Excel 2003/2004

Gradebook: Phase 2
Cleaning Up the Data for Use

After you have added the student information to your Excel worksheet, you may discover that you want to do some cleanup to remove unnecessary information and to make columns wider to display all of the information. For more information, refer to Getting Started with Excel.

return to topViewing All Your Data

In order to see all of your data, the columns must be wide enough to display the text. Adjusting the column border may be necessary to view all your data. You can have Excel determine the best "fit" based on the information in the column or row. This can be done with the mouse or menus. For more information on adjusting your column width and row height, refer to Working with Rows and Columns.

return to topRemoving Unnecessary Information

As the instructor for the class, your name is included in the Getlist and Gradebook information. Since you will not be graded, you can remove your name from the Excel worksheet. You may also wish to delete extra columns. For more information, refer to Working with Rows and Columns: Adding and Removing Rows and Columns.

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