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Microsoft Excel 2003/2004

Functions: Rank

The Rank function returns the rank of a value within a list. This function is useful when you need to maintain a sort based on another column and/or when you want to determine the rank of items in more than one column.

This document will use the example of a gradebook, sorted alphabetically by student last name. In the example, we want to find the rank of the Quiz 1 score of 47 for Chris Student. Scores on Quiz 1 ranged from 60 to 23.
sample gradebook image

  1. Open the desired worksheet

  2. Select the cell where you would like the result of the function to appear

  3. From the Insert menu, select Function...
    Windows: On the Formula Bar, click INSERT FUNCTIONInsert Function button
    The Insert Function dialog box appears.
    Macintosh: On the Standard toolbar, click PASTE FUNCTIONPaste Function button
    The Paste Function dialog box appears.

  4. Windows: From the Or select a category pull-down list, select All or Statistical
    Macintosh: From the Function category scroll box, select All or Statistical

  5. Windows: From the Select a function scroll box, select RANK
    Macintosh: From the Function name scroll box, select RANK

  6. Click OK
    The Function Arguments dialog box appears.
    Function Arguments dialog box dialog box- RANK

  7. In the Number text box, type the value of which you want to know the rank
    EXAMPLE: Type 47

  8. In the Ref text box, type the cell range to be included
    EXAMPLE: Type C2:C6
    1. Click COLLAPSE DIALOGCollapse Dialog box buttonorCollapse Dialog box button
    2. Select the cells to be included
    3. Click RESTORE DIALOGRestore Dialog box buttonorExpand Dialog box button

  9. To obtain the rank of a value where the list of values is sorted in descending order, in the Order text box, type 0 or leave the text box blank
    To obtain the rank of a value where the list of values is sorted in ascending order, in the Order text box, type any nonzero value
    NOTE: This action does not sort the information in your worksheet; it is used only as a reference from which to perform the ranking.
    EXAMPLE: To find the rank of 47 when the Quiz 1 scores are sorted from high to low, type 0

  10. Click OK
    The rank appears in the selected cell and the formula appears in the Formula Bar.
    EXAMPLE: Chris Student's score ranks 4th when the scores are sorted high to low (60, 54, 50, 47, 23).

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