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Microsoft Entourage 2008

Using Getlist and Gradebook

The Getlist and Gradebook features are available to faculty and staff members at UW-Eau Claire through their Entourage Exchange email account. These features allow a faculty/staff member to receive a list of information about students in a particular class or members of a distribution list in an email message. This information can be put into a worksheet or word processing document to establish a gradebook, an attendance record, or another related document. For more information on the specific lists available, refer to Descriptions of Student Distribution Lists.

return to topAbout Getlist and Gradebook

The Gradebook and Getlist features are very similar; however, the Gradebook feature retrieves more information than the Getlist command. The feature you choose will depend on how you plan to use the information in your gradebook. The commands return the following:

return to topObtaining a List of Students

In order to obtain a list of students in a particular class, you must send a message with the correct format as described below. For more information on list name formats, refer to Using Student Distribution Lists.

  1. From the toolbar, click MAILMail button

  2. On the toolbar, click NEWNew button
    The address portion of the message appears.

  3. In the To text box, type gradebook or getlist

  4. Press [return]

  5. In the Subject text box, type the academic year code, subject prefix (in lowercase letters), course number, and section number, separated by periods
    EXAMPLE: 2111.math.110.001
    NOTE: The academic year code takes the following form:

    • first digit of calendar year (2)
    • last two digits of fiscal year (11)
    • term, where 1=Fall (including Winterim), 5=Spring, 7=Summer (including the first 3-week session)
  6. Click SENDSend button
    The results will be sent to you via email.

return to topUsing the List Results in a Worksheet

Lists obtained by using either Getlist or Gradebook may be used in a variety of applications and formats, including worksheets and word processors. The following tips provide some general guidance for moving the information into worksheets:

Electronic Gradebook Submission

Faculty who have questions about electronic gradebook submission should contact Help Desk.

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