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Microsoft Entourage 2008

Sorting Your Email Messages

Folders can contain many messages, so searching for a particular message can seem overwhelming. Instead of scrolling through long lists of emails, you can find a certain message easily with Entourage's Sort feature. This LTS Online Help document explains how to sort email using headers.

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Mail can be sorted by a variety of criteria using the header fields in the Mailbox list.

NOTE: If the Preview Pane is open, these options are not available. For information on the Preview Pane, refer to Using the Preview Pane.

  1. Select the folder you want to sort
    The folder's contents appear in the Message list.

  2. From the list of headers, click the one you want the messages sorted by.
    Clicking a header once sorts the items in ascending order (e.g., A–Z, priority messages first, or most recent message first), denoted by aAscending orderin the header.
    Clicking the header a second time sorts the items in descending order (e.g., Z–A, priority messages last, or oldest message first), denoted by aDescending orderin the header.
    EXAMPLE: The following image displays an Inbox sorted by date received in ascending order:
    Email header
    For information on the functions of individual headers, refer to Mailbox Header Sorting Options.
    For information on adding, deleting, or rearranging fields, refer to Using the Field Chooser.

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The following table gives a description of the possible ways to sort your Inbox. Different headers will appear depending on which folder you are currently working with.

NOTE: In this table, the order of messages corresponds to ascendingAscending orderorder.



Message status Message Status Unread messages are displayed first.
Priority header Priority Messages are displayed by their assigned priority, beginning with High.
Attachment header Attachment All messages containing an attachment are displayed first.
From header From Messages are displayed alphabetically by sender.
NOTE: Messages will be sorted by the first character, which is not necessarily the last name of the sender.
Subject header Subject Messages are displayed alphabetically by subject.
Conversation header Conversation Messages are displayed alphabetically by their original subject line.
NOTE: If Re: Hello Anna is the subject line of a message, then Hello Anna is the original subject line of the message.
Received header Received Messages are displayed by date received from most recent to oldest.
Modified Header Modified Messages are displayed by how recently they were modified.
Sent header Sent Messages are displayed by how recently they were sent.
Size header Size Messages are displayed by the size of the message, including attachments.
Junk Likelihood header Junk Likelihood Messages are displayed by how likely they are to be junk mail.
Categories Header Categories Messages are displayed alphabetically by category name.
Projects header Project Messages are displayed alphabetically by project name.
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