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Microsoft Entourage 2008

Email Message Formats

Entourage allows you to choose between HTML or Plain Text format for email messages. Each option has specific advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before selecting a format. This document explains message format characteristics, how to set a message format, and how to modify a message format.

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Review the following message formats to determine which best suits your needs:

Messages may contain text formatting, numbering, bullets, alignments, horizontal lines, font colors, background colors or pictures, indentation, and web pages. If a recipient's email program cannot read HTML, he or she will receive the message in Plain Text format with an attachment that can be opened in a web browser.

Plain Text
Messages do not contain any formatting. If you regularly send email to people who access different email programs, this may be the best format for you. With plain text there is no risk of recipients not being able to read your messages.

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Entourage allows you to either set a default message format or set a format for one message.

Setting Message Format: Default Format

By setting a default format, it will affect only new messages (old messages will not change).

  1. From the Entourage menu, select Preferences...
    The Preferences dialog box appears.
    Preferences dialog box showing Compose

  2. From the Categories list, in the Mail & News Preferences section, select Compose

  3. In the General section, from the Mail format pull-down list, select the desired default format
    HINT: To ensure readability for all recipients, Plain Text should be selected.

  4. Click OK

Setting Message Format: Individual Messages

If you do not want to modify all messages, but would like to use a specific format for one message, you may do so. You can also change the format of a single message that you are replying to or forwarding.

  1. From the Navigation pane, click MAILMail button

  2. From the Folder list, select InboxInbox
    HINT: You can also create, reply to, or forward messages in other folders.

  3. Create a new email message
    Reply to or forward an existing message

  4. From the Message Formatting toolbar, click USE HTMLUse HTML button
    This allows you toggle between HTML format and plain text format.
    NOTE: If you choose to forward or reply to a message, by default Entourage will send that message in the format in which it was sent to you.

  5. Complete your message

  6. Click SENDSend button

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You can easily modify the format for your replies and forwarded messages.

  1. From the Entourage menu, select Preferences...
    The Preferences dialog box appears.
    Preferences dialog box showing Reply and Forward

  2. From the Categories list, in the Mail & News Preferences section, select Reply & Forward

  3. In the Reply & Forward section, select the desired options
    NOTE: A checkmark appears next to the option when it is selected.

Include entire message in reply
Selecting this option will include the sender's entire message with your reply.

Use quoting characters when forwarding
Selecting this option will place quotes around the sender's message so that you can differentiate between the original message and any text you add.

Reply to messages in the format in which they were sent
Selecting this option will result in a reply having the same format in which the original message was sent to you.

Reply using the default account
Selecting this option will result in all of your replies coming from your default mail account.

  1. OPTIONAL: If you selected Include entire message in reply, in the Mail Attribution section, select the desired option
    NOTE: An attribution provides information on the From, Date, To, and Subject from the original message.

  2. Click OK

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