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Microsoft Entourage 2008

Working with Shared Calendars

One of the benefits of Entourage is the ability to share Calendars with others. Calendars can be shared to allow others to view your Calendar but not make any changes. Access can also allow others to make appointments on your Calendar. Access is based on permissions established with appropriate department personnel.

return to topGeneral Etiquette Tips

The following etiquette tips are recommended when you are scheduling an appointment on someone else's Calendar. Individual departments may also have guidelines for creating appointments on someone else's Calendar.

return to top Opening a Shared Calendar

Once a person has set permissions, you can open their shared calendar and view it from your Calendar folder list. In order for others to access your Calendar through the File » Open Other User's Folder command, you need to grant them access to your calendar.

  1. From the toolbar, click CALENDARCalendar button
    The Calendar view appears.

  2. From the File menu, select Open Other User's Folder...
    The Open Other User's Folder dialog box appears.
    Open a Shared Folder dialog box

  3. In the User text box, type the username of the person whose Calendar you would like to view
    To select the name from the campus directory, click FIND USERFind User button
    NOTE: For more information on using the address directory, refer to Locating UW-Eau Claire Recipients.

  4. Click OK
    NOTE: The person's Calendar is displayed in your Calendar Folder List.

  5. Click their Calendar
    Their Calendar is displayed.

return to top Removing Shared Calendars

You can easily remove shared calendars from your Calendar Folder List. To do so, use the following steps:

  1. From the toolbar, click CALENDARCalendar button
    The Calendar view appears.

  2. In the Calendar Folder List, press [Command key] and click the person's Calendar you want to remove » select Remove from View
    A confirmation dialog box appears.

  3. Click REMOVE

return to top Appointments and Shared Calendars

When making an appointment on someone else's Calendar, the process is the same as making an appointment on your Calendar. It is recommended that you use the New Appointment dialog box so you can add a note about the appointment. When making an appointment on your Calendar, you can set it as private so others viewing your Calendar cannot see the details of the appointment. 

For more instruction on making appointments, refer to Scheduling Events.

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