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Microsoft Entourage 2008

Planning an Event

In Entourage you can schedule events with multiple people using the Calendar feature. The person who sends out the event invitations is the organizer. The organizer invites people to an event using Entourage, which emails the event invitation to the invited attendees. When the invitation is mailed, a tentative appointment will appear on the invitees' Calendars. Potential attendees can then accept or reject the invitation. If an individual accepts, Entourage will automatically mark the time as busy on his or her Calendar. This document covers the process involved in planning an event.

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Planning an event with Entourage can be very useful, as long as individuals actively maintain their Calendar. However, not all event participants will have access to Entourage or a program that allows them to plan an event, and some will choose not to use the Calendar feature. If one or more of your participants does not maintain their Calendar, the value of planning an event decreases.

The schedule that is displayed while planning an event is updated regularly.

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Before sending out requests, you need to pick an event time that all or most attendees have free. In finding out who is available when, you can pick the best meeting time (i.e., the time when the greatest number of people, or those whose attendance is most critical, can attend). Entourage allows you to check people's availability as indicated in their Entourage calendar.

  1. From the Navigation pane, click CALENDARCalendar button

  2. From the File menu, select New » Calendar Event
    Click NEWNew Event button
    An untitled Event dialog box appears.

  3. In the Subject and Location text boxes, type the appropriate information

  4. Click INVITEInvite button
    The Invite dialog box appears.

  5. In the To text box, type the email address of the individuals you want to invite
    NOTE: Separate each email address with a comma (,).

  6. OPTIONAL: Click CHECK NAMESCheck Names button
    Press [return]
    NOTE: By pressing [return] Entourage will automatically check the email addresses you entered against your list of contacts and the campus directory.

  7. Close the Invite dialog box

  8. To see the availability of each person as scheduled in their own Entourage calendar, in the Event dialog box, select the Scheduling tab
    NOTE: For more information about scheduling, refer to Understanding Scheduling.
    Event dialog box showing scheduling

  9. Select the date and time that most attendees are available

Understanding Scheduling

The following will help you understand the scheduling option.

Color Indicator
Blue with White Stripes Tentative
Light Blue Busy
Dark Blue Out of Office
Gray No information
(user is not an Exchange user or is not a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire user)


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Once you have established everyone's availability, you can proceed with sending out invitations.

  1. Check Availability

  2. In the Event dialog box, select the Appointment tab

  3. From the Occurs pull-down list, select the desired frequency

  4. OPTIONAL: To set a reminder
    1. Select Reminder
    2. In the Reminder text box, type or use the nudge buttons to set the amount of time before the event you would like the reminder
    3. From the Reminder pull-down list, select the time increment you would like used

  5. OPTIONAL: To notify the people you are inviting of traveling time
    1. Select Travel time
    2. In the Travel time text box, type or use the nudge buttons to set the amount of travel time
    3. From the Travel time pull-down list, select the time increment you would like used
    4. From the second pull-down list, select when the travel time is to be allotted

  6. In the text box, type the text of your invitation

  7. Click SEND NOWSend Now button

return to topResponding to an Event Request

When you have been invited to attend a meeting, a tentative meeting will appear on your Calendar and the request will appear in your Inbox. Your reply to the meeting request will be sent only to the person who originated the request.

  1. After reading the invitation, from the Information Bar, click ACCEPT, DECLINE, or ACCEPT TENTATIVELY
    A dialog box will appears asking if you want to send a response.

  2. Click the desired response

  3. If you elect to comment, complete the resulting dialog box

  4. Click OK

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