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Microsoft Entourage 2008

The Calendar Environment

The Calendar environment is a specific feature within the larger Entourage environment. The following document provides a general overview of the Entourage Calendar and discusses the different Calendar views.

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The Calendar allows you to record your daily, weekly, and monthly appointments. It also allows you to record events and set reminder notices. The following graphic represents just one of many calendar views.
Calendar with work week view shown

Calendar View Options

The Calendar View buttons are located to the right of the toolbar.

Button Name Action
Calendar Day View Day Allows you to view your calendar by day
Calendar Work Week View Work Week Allows you to view your calendar by work week (Monday through Friday)
Calendar Week View Week Allows you to view your calendar by week (includes Saturday and Sunday)
Calendar Month View Month Allows you to view your calendar by month

return to topSelecting a Calendar View

Calendar views can be adjusted so you can view a day, work week, week, or month. Personal preference and current needs will determine which view is best for you. You can change views easily on the toolbar.

  1. From the toolbar, click CALENDARCalendar button

  2. From the Calendar toolbar, click the desired view

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