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Newsletter/Announcement Manager

Creating a Subscription Form for Your Web Page

The Newsletter/Announcement Manager will provide the necessary HTML code for you to place an Add Subscriber form on your web page. This allows visitors to your website to subscribe to your newsletter.

  1. Log in to the Administrative Home page

  2. On the navigation bar, click TOOLS

  3. Under Subscriber Tools, click GENERATE
    Subscriber Tools section

  4. If necessary, use the Search tools to locate and display your newsletter name

  5. In the Select column, select the newsletter(s) for which you want an Add Subscriber form(s)

  6. To generate a subscriber form for all newsletters, click GENERATE ALL
    To generate a subscriber form for the newsletters you have selected, click GENERATE SELECTED
    A screen is returned containing the HTML code that you need.
    HTML code for subscriber form

  7. Select and copy the HTML code

  8. Using your web editor, open the web page that will contain the subscription form
    HINT: You will need to access the HTML or code view of the page.

  9. Paste the HTML code into the web page

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