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Newsletter/Announcement Manager

Reading Newslettersfor readers

Many departments and organizations on campus distribute newsletters by email. Individuals who are subscribed to these newsletters receive an email each time a new issue comes out. However, individuals who are interested in reading a newsletter, but are not subscribed to it, may still access the newsletter. Readers can choose to read the back issues of a newsletter, or to subscribe to the newsletter and receive email updates of each new issue.

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A list of existing newsletters can be accessed at the UWEC Mailing Subscription System home page. From here, users can choose to read back issues, subscribe to a newsletter, or modify their subscriptions.List of available newsletters

The newsletters available on the UWEC Mailing Subscription System page are divided into categories based on readers:

Public Newsletters
can be accessed by any reader

Campus-wide Newsletters
can be accessed by anyone with a UW-Eau Claire username and password

Faculty/Staff Newsletters
can be accessed by any UW-Eau Claire faculty or staff member

Campus-wide and Faculty/Staff newsletters require a university login before reading any issues.

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Newsletter issues are stored on the Newsletter/Announcement Manager system after they have been sent to subscribers. If you would like to read an old issue of a particular newsletter, you can do so.

  1. Access the UWEC Mailing Subscription System home page

  2. From the Newsletters/Announcements section, click the name of the newsletter you wish to read
    The Newsletter Archive page appears with a list of previous issues.

  3. From the Subject column, select the desired issue
    The issue opens.

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