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Newsletter/Announcement Manager

Editing an Existing Issue for Publishers

If you need to make minor changes or corrections to an existing issue (e.g., fix a broken link), you can easily edit an issue. Rather than making substantial changes to an existing issue, however, consider adding a topic update or a notice of your correction to your next issue.

Subscribers who received the issue in their Inbox will not see changes to an existing issue. Only those readers who click the Newsletter link from the digest or archive will see the change.

  1. Log in to the Administrative Home page

  2. On the navigation bar, click ISSUES
    The Newsletter Issues page opens.

  3. From the Search Issues pull-down list, select the newsletter the issues are assigned to
    HINT: If the issue you are searching for was not assigned to a newsletter, select Non-assigned Issues.

  4. Click SEARCH
    The issues for that newsletter appear.

  5. For the issue that you want to edit, click EDITCopy button
    The newsletter issue opens.

  6. Make the desired edits

  7. To save your work,
    1. In the To Publish section, from the Send to All Newsletter Subscribers of pull-down list, select the correct newsletter
    2. In the To Save section, click SAVE

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