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Newsletter/Announcement Manager

The Newsletter System: An Introduction

The Newsletter system delivers either HTML or plain text email newsletters. Readers can access newsletters published in the Newsletter system in two ways. They can subscribe to newsletter(s), in which case they receive the newsletter as an email delivered directly to their Inbox. Readers can also access newsletters published during the week by clicking the related link that appears in the weekly digest.

In order to work with the Newsletter system, you must be an administrator or publisher. Depending on your role (e.g., publisher of a single newsletter or the master administrator), your access to the system will vary. The Newsletter system allows administrators to create, send, and alter newsletters, keep track of subscribers to individual newsletters, and change administrative roles and privileges.

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Administrative Roles

Master Administrator
This role has the highest level of permission in the Newsletter system. This person is able to assign super administrator roles and perform all tasks that super administrators and newsletter administrators (publishers) can do.

Super Administrator
This role has access to all newsletters and organizations, but cannot assign or alter super administrator permissions for others. A super-administrator is the person who maintains the categories, organizations, and assigns access for newsletter administrators (publishers).

Newsletter Administrator / Publisher
This role is held by those who will be creating issues for a newsletter to be sent out to the newsletter’s subscriber list. With this level of access, a person can work with only the newsletters to which they have permissions.


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Common Terminology

Access Types
Determines who is able to view a particular newsletter after receiving a link:
Everyone: the general public, and UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff and students; no login is required to view the newsletter.
Campus: UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff and students; login is required to view the newsletter.
Faculty/Staff: UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff; login is required to view the newsletter.

An individual with access to make changes to the Newsletter system. Administrators have a variety of roles which determine their level of access to the system.

Digest Audience
Determines which email digest will contain links to the newsletter:
Campus: Anyone with a UW-Eau Claire login name and password.
FacultyStaff: UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff.
Students: UW-Eau Claire students.

Email Digest
A weekly email sent each Monday to all campus email addresses. The email addresses are separated into two groups: faculty/staff and students. Selecting a digest determines whether links to a newsletter appear in the email sent to UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff, the email sent to students, or both.

Refers to the publication as a whole, not any specific issue.

Refers to the department, unit, or organization to which the publisher belongs.


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