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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Applying Color to Text: Text Properties Pane

Dreamweaver has several options for applying color to text. This document will explain how to use the Text Properties pane to apply colors to text using either a standard list of commonly used colors or by creating and using a custom color.
For information on how to add color to text using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), refer to Applying Color with CSS.
To learn more about the Text Properties pane, refer to Text Properties Pane

return to topApplying a Standard Color to Text

Color can be used to emphasize text. The Color pull-down list provides 216 web-safe colors from which to choose.

  1. Select the desired text
    The Text Properties pane appears.
    Text Properties pane

  2. From the Text Color boxColor box, select the desired color
    HINT: To return your text to the default color (generally black), from the Text Color box, click DEFAULT COLORDefault Color button

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To use a color for your text that is not available from the standard color choices, you can create a custom color.

  1. Select the desired text
    The Text Properties pane appears.
    Text Properties pane

  2. In the Text Color text box, type the hexadecimal value for the desired color
    EXAMPLE: #FF0000
    NOTE: For more information, refer to Selecting Colors by Values.
    To use the Color dialog box,
    1. from the Text Color boxText Color box, click SYSTEM COLOR PICKERSystem Color Picker button
      The Color dialog box appears.
      Color dialog box
    2. In the Custom colors section, select an empty box
    3. Using the color spectrum and gradient bar, create a color
      The color appears in the Color|Solid box.
      If this box remains white, adjust the thin gradient bar.
      You may also want to adjust the Hue, Sat, Lum (HSL value) or Red, Green, and Blue (RGB value) text boxes to create a color by entering specific values. For more instruction, refer to Selecting Colors by Values.
      The empty box you selected now contains the new custom color.
    5. Click OK
      The custom color is applied to the selected text.

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