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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Inserting a Table With a Caption

A caption is text that appears above or below a table. The purpose of table captions is similar to the purpose of most picture captions —they explain or clarify. A caption is especially useful when a table presents statistics or numerical data.

Before inserting your table, you must set your preferences to include table accessibility options. Keep in mind that not all browsers interpret options consistently; the way captions appear may vary depending on the browser and version.

  1. From the Insert menu, select Table
    From the Insert bar, on the Common tab, click TABLETable button
    The Insert Table dialog box appears.
    Table dialog box

  2. Complete the Table size and Header sections appropriately

  3. Under the Accessibility section,
    1. In the Caption text box, type an appropriate caption
    2. From the Align caption pull-down list, select the desired alignment for the caption
    3. In the Summary text box, type appropriate text to summarize the information displayed in the table
      NOTE: Summary text is not visible in a browser when viewing the page.

  4. Click OK
    The table is inserted with a caption, if specified, above it.

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