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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Defining a Site

Dreamweaver's site management features are very powerful; however, in order to take advantage of the features, you must first establish a site. The following instructions explain this process. If you work on multiple computers, this process may need to be repeated on each computer.

Establishing a site involves naming the site and its folders or files. Managing a Dreamweaver site enables you to organize, share, and transfer files to the Web. For more information on understanding these different types of sites, see Local and Remote Sites: An Overview.

  1. Open Dreamweaver

  2. From the Site menu, select New Site...
    The Site Definition for Unnamed Site 1 dialog box appears.
    Site definition part 1

  3. In the What would you like to name your site? text box, type the name of your site and click NEXT
    NOTE: This name is for your reference and will not be used by others.

  4. For Do you want to work with a server technology...? select No, I do no want to use a server technology and click NEXT
    Site definition part 2

  5. For How do you want to work with your files during development? select Edit directly on server using local network
    Site definition part 3

  6. To locate the folder in which the files for your site are stored, click BROWSE FOR FILEBrowse for file button
    The Choose local root folder for site Unnamed Site 1: dialog box appears.

  7. Locate and select the folder where your web files are stored
    NOTE: If the files do not yet exist, create and select an empty folder.

  8. Click SELECT

  9. Click NEXT

  10. OPTIONAL: To establish an HTTP address to the live area,
    1. Select the Advanced tab
    2. In the Category section, select Local Info
    3. In the HTTP address text box, type the domain of your site
    4. Click OK
      The site is defined.
      NOTE: If you have relative links to other pages on the UW-Eau Claire server, you will want to establish an HTTP address to the live area so that those links show as working.

  11. Click DONE
    NOTE: If opening an existing site, the Scanning all files in site dialog box appears and shows the progress of the opening site.

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