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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Using Cloaking to Exclude Folders from Site Operations

One advantage of using Dreamweaver's site management tools is the ability to change many files at once. However, certain situations may arise in which you want to exclude a set of files from a site operation (e.g., find and replace, synchronization). This can be done with the Cloak feature.

For example, you may want to synchronize your local and remote sites; however, one folder in your site contains pages that are in progress. Since you do not want these pages on your remote site, you can exclude them from the synchronization process by cloaking the folder.

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Before folders can be cloaked, Cloaking must be enabled.

  1. From the Files pane, under the Files tab, right click a folder » select Cloaking » Enable Cloaking
    NOTE: A check mark means Cloaking is currently enabled.

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A cloaked folder is excluded from all of the following site operations:

NOTE: Cloaking template or library files will only affect Put or Get commands, not any batch site operations.

  1. In the Files pane, under the Files tab, right click the folder(s) to be cloaked » select Cloaking » Cloak
    A red diagonal line appears through the folder icon, indicating that it is cloakedCloaked folder icon.

return to topUncloaking Folders

In order to include folders in site operations, they must be uncloaked.

  1. In the Files pane, under the Files tab, right click the folder(s) to be uncloaked » select Cloaking » Uncloak
    The red diagonal line through the folder icon disappears, indicating that it is uncloakedUncloaked folder icon.
    To uncloak all folders within a site, select a folder to be uncloaked » select Cloaking » Uncloak All.

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