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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Working with Assets

A website is composed of many elements, the most popular being html files (for the content) and images. Dreamweaver's assets provide access to all images, colors, and many other elements used within a website for easier maintenance. Frequently used assets can be added to a Favorites list for quick access. This document provides you with a brief introduction to the types of Dreamweaver assets.

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Images Images
Displays image files (.jpg, .gif, .png) that have been used within your site. For more information about images, refer to Working with Images.

Colors Colors
Displays colors that have applied to various elements in your site, such as text, table borders, and backgrounds. Use the color swatches in the Color category to consistently apply color choices to objects on a page. For more information about using colors, refer to Using Color Boxes.

Displays external links and link types that are included in your site. For more information about links, refer to Linking to Pages in Your Collection and Linking to Internet Resources.

Flash Flash
Displays any Adobe flash formatted file located in your site.
NOTE: The Assets panel will display only SWF (compressed files) and not FLA (Flash source) files.

Shockwave Shockwave
Displays all shockwave formatted files.

Movies Movies
Displays all files that are formatted in QuickTime or MPEG.

Scripts Scripts
Displays JavaScript and VBScript files.
NOTE: Any script files that are not formatted with either JavaScript or VBScript will not appear in the Assets panel.

Templates Templates
Displays all templates available within your site. For more information about templates, refer to Templates Overview.

Library Library
Displays elements that are used on multiple pages such as text, images, and links. For more information about library items, refer to Library Basics.

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The following graphic represents the basic parts of the Assets panel.

Assets panel

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You can insert assets into a document by dragging them into either the Design or Code views , or by clicking the APPLY/INSERT button. You can insert colors and URLs or apply them to selected text in the Design view.

NOTE: Templates are applied to an entire document, and therefore, cannot be inserted into a document. For more information about templates, refer to Templates Overview.

  1. If the Assets pane is not displayed, from the Window menu, select Assets
    Press [F11]
    From the Files pane, select the Assets tab

  2. From the Assets toolbar, make the appropriate selection

  3. Select the desired view; Site or FavoritesSite and favorite options

  4. From the Item List, select the desired item

  5. Drag the item to the desired location on the page
    Place your insertion point in the desired location and click APPLY/INSERT

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