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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Text Properties Pane

The Text Properties pane controls text formatting. It is displayed when you select or work with text.
Properties pane for text
Properties pane for text

Elements of the Properties Pane

Style Format pull-down list
Selects a default format style (e.g., Paragraph)
Font pull-down list
Selects the text's fonts
Size pull-down list
Selects the text's size
Color Icon and Number
Selects the text's color
Bold and Italics Icons
Applies bold or italic formatting
Alignment buttons
Selects the text's alignment
Link text box
Selects the document location or the web address that the text links to
Target pull-down list
Selects where the linked document will open (default is same window)
Bullet and Numbered List button
Selects a list type (e.g., bulleted or numbered)
Decrease and Increase Indent button
Selects an indent (e.g., increase or decrease)
open CSS panel
Selects the CSS Styles pane
text style pull-down box
Selects a CSS style (e.g., HintNote)
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