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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Image Properties Pane

From the Image Properties pane you can control image settings, enter alternate text, and create image maps.

The Image Properties pane displays when an image is selected.
Image Properties pane

Elements of the Properties Pane

Image property thumbnail
Displays a thumbnail (miniature) of the image and the image file size. The text box is used to the name the image. This allows the image to be easily referenced in JavaScript programming and other web languages.
Image Width & Height
Identifies the width and height of the image. This information is automatically read by Dreamweaver.
Image Source
Identifies the location of the image. You can identify a new source for the image using BROWSE FOR FILE browse for file button.
Link Text box
Identifies the file or web address that the image links to. You can identify the file or web address by using BROWSE FOR FILEbrowse for file button .
Alternate Text text box
Identifies the alternate text for an image. The alternate text is displayed as the web page is loading or when an image is not displayed. Alternate text is also used to identify images for users who access pages with screen readers.
Image edit property
Allows you to perform basic image editing within Dreamweaver.
Image Map buttons
Allows you to create hotspots on an image. A hotspot is a manually created region of an image which behaviors are applied to.
Vertical & Horizontal Spacing
Adds space around the image. V Space adds vertical space above and below the image. H Space adds horizontal space to the left and right of the image.
Target text box
Identifies the window or frame in which a link will open. By default all links will open in the same window.
Low Source Image
Identifies an image to load initially while the actual image appears. This can be used when high quality images are used that have a large file size.
Border Text Box
Adds a line around the image. The larger the number entered, the thicker the border.
Alignment buttons
Controls the horizontal alignment of the image (treats the image like a character).
Image Alignment pull-down list
Controls vertical placement of an image relative to a line of text.
NOTE: This can result in text wrapping around an image.
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