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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Library Basics

Keeping site features consistent when designing a web page can be difficult; however, Dreamweaver's Library function makes this task easier by allowing you to create a library of frequently used items. These items can then be inserted as needed on newly created web pages. This document gives an overview of the Library and explains how to add items to the Library file.

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The Library allows you to make repetitive updating quick, easy, and error-free. Any text or graphic can be made into a Library item. Once a Library item is created, it can be placed on any web page in a site without having to retype, reinsert, or reformat it. Library items can be altered at any time, and all changes made will be automatically displayed on every page containing the item. An item can also be changed back to a non-Library item at any time or copied from one site to another.

Library features are located in the Files pane under the Assets tab. Here you can find the tools necessary for creating, modifying, updating, and managing your Library items. The main focus of this document is to explain how to use the Library button.

Library pane

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Before a Library item is created, it must first be identified as a Library item within the web page. These steps explain how to add an item to a site's Library. Before working with Library items the site must be defined.

  1. If the Assets pane is not displayed, from the Window menu, select Assets
    Press [F11]
    From the Files pane, select the Assets tab

  2. On the Assets pane, click LIBRARYLibrary button
    The Library pane appears.

  3. Select the desired web page element to be made into a Library item

  4. From the Library pane, click NEW LIBRARY ITEMNew Library Item button
    The selected image or text is displayed in the preview area of the Library pane.
    A new untitled entry appears in the Library item list.

  5. In the Untitled text box, type a descriptive name for the new Library item so it can be easily referenced

  6. Press [Enter]
    NOTE: You may rename your Library item later by right-clicking the entry and selecting Rename.

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