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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Working with UW-Eau Claire Images and Graphics

When designing a web page for UW-Eau Claire, you may want to include official UW-Eau Claire images or use UW-Eau Claire links for relevant and safe design choices. The following document is designed to help you access images, graphics, and colors through the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire website.

return to topAccessing UW-Eau Claire Web Development Services Page

In order to access University graphics and images, you must access the Web Development Services page.

  1. Access the UW-Eau Claire homepage (

  2. From the navigation links, located on the left-hand side of the page, select A-Z index (

  3. On the A-Z site index page, under the W section, select Web Development Service (
    You are now at the Web Development Services page.

return to topAccessing UW-Eau Claire Images and Graphics

The UW-Eau Claire Web Graphics page allows you to preview a number of University graphics. The beige column on the left lists the name of each corresponding graphic, and the white column shows each graphic and displays its HTML code.
NOTE: The following assumes that you have already read Accessing UW-Eau Claire Web Development Services Page

To Access UW-Eau Claire Web Graphics:

  1. On the Web Development Services page, from the Navigation bar, click Standards/Policies

  2. On the Standards and Policies page, from the navigation links located on the left-hand side of the page, click UWEC Web Graphics

  3. On the UW-Eau Claire Web Graphics page, after the introductory text, there is a chart of common University graphics.
    Web development graph

return to topCopying and Pasting UW-Eau Claire Graphics and Images

After pasting the code for the image into your document, test the page using your browser to verify that the image will appear correctly. If the image is not a part of your collection, it will display as a missing image.Missing Image Visual

NOTE: Before following these instructions, please read Accessing UW-Eau Claire Images and Graphics

  1. From the HTML code of the image you would like to insert, highlight the image source
    EXAMPLE: /Images/UWECWeb/uwec1.gif

  2. From the Edit menu, select Copy
    Press [Ctrl] + [C]

  3. Access the desired page in Dreamweaver

  4. Set the insertion point where the image is to appear

  5. From the Insert menu, select Image
    Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [I]
    The Select Image Source dialog box appears.
    Select image source dialog box

  6. In the URL text box, type the UW-Eau Claire homepage address (

  7. In the URL text box, after the UW-Eau Claire homepage address, paste the URL of the image by pressing [Ctrl] + [V]
    EXAMPLE: Your complete URL should look like this:

  8. Click OK
    The Image Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box appears.Image tag accessibility attributes dialog box

  9. In the Alternate text text box, type a descriptive name for your image
    HINT: To ensure that the alternate text is descriptive, it is suggested that you copy and paste the alternate text located in the image's HTML code.

  10. Click OK
    The image will appear on the page.

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