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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Forms: Courtesy Reply Message

When a user completes a form, you can send an automatic courtesy response email. This assures the user that the information they submitted was properly received.

NOTE: To use this feature, the user must have included his or her complete email address in a field named email within the form. 

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The following illustrates the field names and values that can be used in your courtesy reply message.

The word yes

The first line of your courtesy reply text
EXAMPLE: Thank you for taking the time ...

The second line of your courtesy reply text
EXAMPLE: Call us if you need anything ...

How you would like to be identified
HINT: A second line can be displayed by having another field with the name: 'courtesy_who_we_are2'.

The URL which will be inserted in the footer of the automated reply

Your mailto address in the footer of the reply

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Inserting the Optional Hidden Form Fields

  1. Place the insertion point within the form boundary where you would like to insert the hidden form field
    NOTE: For information on inserting a form boundary, refer to Creating Forms.

  2. From the Insert menu, select Form » Hidden Field
    From the Insert bar, in the Forms tab, click HIDDEN FIELDHidden Field button
    The hidden field icon appearsHidden Field icon.

  3. To select the hidden field icon, clickHidden Field icon
    The HiddenField properties pane appears.
    HiddenField properties pane

  4. In the HiddenField text box, type the name for the hidden field

  5. In the Value text box, type the value for the hidden field

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until all hidden form fields have been entered

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