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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Forms: Working with Buttons

Buttons provide the functionality for users to clear and submit their form field inputs (e.g., text typed into text boxes). In order for you to use the button form field, you must insert it into your web page and assign a name and label to it.

NOTE: For more information about working with form fields, please refer to Inserting the First Form Field, Opening the Form Field Properties Dialog Box, and Terminology.

return to topInserting Buttons

  1. Place the insertion point within the form boundary where you would like the form button to be placed
    NOTE: For information on inserting a form boundary, refer to Creating Forms.

  2. From the Insert menu, select Form » Button
    From the Insert bar, in the Forms tab, click BUTTONForm button
    The Input Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box appears.
    For a description of the options available in this dialog box, refer to Forms: Input Tag Accessibility Options.
    Input Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box

  3. In the Label text box, type an appropriate and descriptive label
    NOTE: The Label is the text that identifies a button's function to users.

  4. Make any appropriate selection(s) under Style, Position, Access key, and Tab Index

  5. Click OK
    The form button will appear where the insertion point was located.

return to topAssigning a Name and Label

Within the Properties pane you can set the Name, which describes the button's overall purpose (e.g., clear, submit, OK); Value, which is the text that is visible to the user; and Action, which determines the specific task of your button.

  1. After inserting the button, select it
    The Button Properties pane appears.
    Button properties pane

  2. In the Button name text box, type the desired name

  3. In the Label text box, type the desired label
    This is the text users will see superimposed on the button.

  4. In the Action section, select the desired action for the button to perform

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