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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Finding and Replacing Text

Dreamweaver's Find and Replace tool allows you to search for, and make changes to, text within the document you are working on, selected documents, or throughout your website. Find and Replace text searches will search only the text displayed in the Design view of your document. This document discusses how to find and replace text and uses the example of changing all references to the Personnel department to Human Resources.

  1. From the Edit menu, select Find and Replace...
    Press [Ctrl + [F]
    The Find and Replace dialog box appears.
    Find and Replace dialog box

  2. From the Find in pull-down list, select an area to search
    NOTE: For a description of these options, see Where You Can Search: Find In Options.
    EXAMPLE: Select Entire Current Local Site

  3. From the Search pull-down list, select Text

  4. In the Find text box, type the text you are searching for
    EXAMPLE: Type Personnel

  5. In the Replace text box, type the replacement text
    EXAMPLE: Type Human Resources

  6. OPTIONAL: From Options, select the option(s) appropriate to your search
    NOTE: For a description of these options, see Additional Options for Defining Your Query
    EXAMPLE: Select Match case
    Find and replace dialog box: example

  7. Click FIND NEXT
    The first occurrence of the information is identified.

    Use the Replace option to replace each occurrence of the information individually. Clicking FIND NEXT will advance to and review subsequent occurrences.
    WARNING: Use the Replace All option with caution. This option will replace your specified information throughout the entire document(s).

  9. To close the Find and Replace dialog box, click CLOSE
    A summary of activity appears in the Results pane.

Using Find Next

Dreamweaver will remember your last search within a given document. If you have closed the Find and Replace dialog box, you can resume your prior search using the Find Next option. This option will not replace a specific occurrence within within your text, but will allow you to pass over an individual occurrence of your search and automatically locate the next one.

  1. From the Edit menu, select Find Next
    Press [F3]

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