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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Properties Pane

The Dreamweaver Properties pane is commonly used to adjust various page elements (e.g., text, tables, images, links, form objects). The Properties pane is context-sensitive so it automatically adjusts to display the options appropriate for the element you have selected.

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  1. From the Window menu, select Properties
    Press [Ctrl] + [F3]
    The Properties pane appears at the bottom of the window.
    NOTE: This graphic shows the Properties pane for text. Its appearance may change depending on the object selected in your document.
    Properties Pane

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The Properties pane elements that are always displayed include:

Panel menu
Accesses the Panel menu
Help Button
Accesses context-sensitive help in the Dreamweaver online manual
HTML Button
Inserts HTML code for a tag that you select
Collapses the Properties pane
Expands the Properties pane
Properties pane show/hide arrow The arrow hides or reveals the Properties pane

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Some of the Properties panes available with Dreamweaver CS3 include:

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