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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Horizontal Rules

Horizontal rules can be used to divide your page into sections thereby creating a page that is organized and easier for users to read. Horizontal rules can also be used to highlight pieces of information on your page.

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These instructions will explain how to insert a shaded, horizontal rule, which by default, spans the width of the page and is 2 pixels high. These default settings can be changed, allowing for a customized horizontal rule to be created. To change the default settings refer to Customizing Horizontal Rules.

  1. Set your insertion point where the rule should appear

  2. From the Insert menu, select HTML » Horizontal Rule
    A horizontal rule appears at your insertion point.

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The following instructions detail how to customize horizontal rules. For examples of customized size, height, alignment, and shading attributes of horizontal rules, see the Horizontal Rule Options document.

  1. To open the Horizontal Rule Properties pane, add a horizontal rule
    Select an existing horizontal rule
    The Horizontal Rule Properties pane appears.

  2. To change the width of the horizontal rule, in the W text box, type a value

  3. From the W pull-down list, select % or pixels as appropriate to the value entered in step 2

  4. To change the height (thickness) of the horizontal rule, in the H text box, type a new height in pixels

  5. To change the placement on the screen of the horizontal rule, from the Align pull-down list, select Left, Right, or Center

  6. To change the shadow effect of the horizontal rule, select or deselect Shading

  7. If you have defined a CSS style for horizontal rules, from the Class pull-down list, select the desired style option

  8. To identify the horizontal rule, in the Horizontal rule text box, type the desired name
    NOTE: Naming the horizontal rule allows you to reference a particular horizontal rule bar, or the text that is under a particular horizontal rule, later in the document.

return to topDeleting Horizontal Rules

A horizontal rule can be removed when it is no longer necessary in its current location.

  1. Select the horizontal rule by clicking on it

  2. Press [Delete]

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