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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Cutting, Copying & Pasting

When developing a web page in Dreamweaver, you may find it necessary to cut, copy and paste text and images.

Once an image or text is cut, it no longer appears in its original location.
When an image or text is copied, it appears simultaneously in its new location as well as its original location.

  1. Select the text or image you wish to cut or copy

  2. From the View menu, select Toolbars » Standard
    The Standard toolbar is displayed below the Document toolbar.

  3. From the Standard toolbar, click CUTCut Button or COPYCopy button
    To cut, press [Ctrl] + [X]
    To copy, press [Ctrl] + [C]
    From the Edit menu, select Cut or Copy
    NOTE: If cutting an image or text, it will disappear.

  4. On your page, place the insertion point where you would like the text or image to appear

  5. On the Standard toolbar, click PASTEPaste Button  
    Press [Ctrl] + [V]
    From the Edit menu, select Paste
    The text or image will appear in the new location.
    The text or image will stay on your Clipboard until it is replaced or until the program is exited.
    The text or image can be pasted more than one time.

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