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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Checking Spelling

Spell check is a feature that checks for spelling errors in a document. It is easy to check the spelling in your document using Dreamweaver.

  1. From the Text menu, select Check Spelling
    Press [Shift] + [F7]
    The Check Spelling dialog box appears. It displays the words that Dreamweaver thinks are misspelled and offers suggestions for correction.
    Spell Check Dialog Box

  2. For misspelled words,
    1. From the Suggestions scroll box, select the correct spelling
      In the Change to text box, type the correct spelling
    2. Click CHANGE or CHANGE ALL

  3. For words which are not misspelled, click IGNORE or IGNORE ALL
    NOTE: To add frequently used terminology to the dictionary, click ADD TO PERSONAL

  4. Click CLOSE

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