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Soundtrack Basics: Arranging Tracks

Once you have recorded multiple tracks you have the ability to move selections of audio to different areas on different tracks by cutting, copying, and pasting. You can create one continuous track composed of audio from separate recordings. This is beneficial during playback, as you can play the one arranged track rather than have to play each track separately. This becomes necessary when you have multiple tracks that you want to export as one audio file. For more information on exporting files, refer to Audacity: Exporting Your Project as an MP3 File. You are also able to remove any part of an audio track by cutting.

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When editing a track, you can cut or copy selections. Cutting a selection eliminates it from the track and sends it to the clipboard. Copying a selection sends it to the clipboard, but unlike the cut feature, also leaves the selection in its original location.

  1. Using the Selection toolSelection tool button, select the audio you want to cut or copy

  2. To eliminate the selection, click CUTCut tool button
    The selection is removed from the track and sent to the clipboard.

  3. To copy the selection, click COPYCopy tool button
    The selection remains in its original location and is sent to the clipboard.

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Once you have copied or cut a selection, it is sent to the clipboard. You can then paste your selection in the desired location. This includes pasting onto an existing track, or creating a new blank track to paste onto. For more information on creating a new track, refer to Soundtrack Basics: Adding Additional Tracks.

  1. Cut or copy a selection
    For more information refer to Soundtrack Basics: Cutting and Copying.

  2. Using the Selection toolSelection tool button, place the cursor in the location you want to paste
    NOTE: If you place the cursor anywhere before or after the waveform, your pasted selection will be directly joined to the existing audio.

  3. Click PASTEPaste tool button
    Your selection is pasted.

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