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Testing Your Equipment

Before you begin recording in Audacity you want to make sure your equipment is functioning properly. This includes making sure it is properly connected, that the device is functional, that your computer's settings are correct, and testing in Audacity.

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  1. Attach your input device to your computer
    EXAMPLE: Attach your microphone to the microphone input or USB port.
    NOTE: The type and place of attachment will vary for different devices.

  2. If your device has an on-off switch, make sure it is on

  3. Open Audacity

  4. From the Input meter pull-down menu, select Monitor input

  5. Test the input device
    EXAMPLE: Speak into the microphone.
    If your device is functioning properly it will register on the Input meter. For more information on the Input meter, refer to Audacity: The Meter Toolbar.

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If your input device is not registering on the Input meter, check to make sure it is in functioning order, and that it is not muted.

  1. On the far right of the Taskbar, right click the SOUND iconSound icon» select Recording Devices
    The Sound dialog box appears.

  2. Under your recording device, it will indicate whether or not it is working properly
    Sound dialog box

  3. Select the recording device

    The [input device] Properties dialog box appears.

  5. Select the Levels tab

  6. Make sure the volume slider is not at zero and that it is not muted
    Microphone levels tab

  7. Click OK

  8. Test your input device

  9. If problems persist, try a different microphone or computer

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