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Web Publishing

Introduction to Tables

Before getting into the specifics of working with tables in a web editor, this introductory page defines what a table is, explains the purpose(s) of using tables, and gives tips on designing and maintaining tables.

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A table is an arrangement of data in rows (horizontal) and columns (vertical), as in the following example:

Employee Salary
Bob 23,000
Jane 34,000
Cecil 35,000

On the Web and on paper, tables arrange data in a format that is easy to read. Also, on the Web, tables are frequently used to align text and images. If you want to make a column effect, or if you want to align text and/or images side by side, you can use a table.

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By nature, web pages are very linear. Putting information side-by-side is made possible with tables. If you have worked with tables in Microsoft Word, you have a good base to build from. The following are some hints for working with tables.

Designing for Accessibility

Table and Cell Height 

Table and Cell Width

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