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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Working with Images

Adding visual components to your slides can enhance your presentation. Clip art images, Internet images, or scanned images can be added to your PowerPoint slides. You can also add visual components by using PowerPoint's drawing tools (for more information, refer to Drawing in Office 2007). For information on creating visually enhanced text, refer to Using WordArt in Excel and PowerPoint.

WARNING: It is illegal to use copyrighted images from the Internet or any other source. For more information on capturing images that you can use, refer to Capturing Images, Sounds, and Movies.

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You can add images in a couple of different ways:

Adding Images: Clip Art

The Microsoft Clip Organizer contains numerous images in several different categories. It is easy to enhance your slides with appropriate clip art from the organizer. For instructions on adding clip art, refer to Inserting Clip Art.

HINT: To adjust image location, size, or borders, refer to Formatting Images.

Adding Images: Other Electronic Images

You can also add electronic images from other sources (e.g., scanned images, images downloaded from the Internet). To learn how to find and save images from the Internet, refer to Capturing Images, Sounds, and Movies and Importing Clip Art from the Web.

  1. From the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click PICTUREPicture button
    The Insert Picture dialog box appears.

  2. Using the Look in pull-down list, locate and select the image to be added

  3. Click INSERT
    The image appears in your slide.

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Once you have inserted an image into your slide, you can easily adjust positioning, resize, or add borders as needed. PowerPoint 2007 also includes a variety of design options for enhancing the effect of your image. For instructions on resizing images, refer to Resizing Shapes. For instructions on positioning images, refer to Moving Objects.

  1. Select the image you would like to change
    The Format tab appears.

  2. From the Format tab, using the buttons, select the desired option(s)

Format Tab Options

When you insert an image into your PowerPoint slide, the Format tab appears. The Format tab provides basic image editing features (such as cropping and brightness control) as well as design features (e.g., 3D rendering, shadows, and reflections). The Picture Styles group contains a gallery which provides an array of different preset styles for use with images. For many of these options, resting the mouse over a selection will offer you a preview of the change.

Button   Action
Brightness Brightness button Allows you to brighten or darken your image
Contrast Contrast button Allows you to increase or decrease the contrast of your image
Recolor Recolor button Allows you to alter the coloration of your image
Compress Pictures Compress Pictures button Compresses pictures in the presentation, decreasing the size of the file
Change Picture Change Picture button Switches the currently selected picture for another of your choice
Reset Picture Reset Picture button Resets the currently selected picture to its default formatting
Picture Shape Picture Shape button Allows you to crop your image into pre-designed shapes, or make your own shape
Picture Border Picture Border button Allows you to create and add a border to your image (includes colors, border weight)
Picture Effects Picture Effects button Provides a variety of special effects for your image (reflections, shadows, 3D rendering)
Bring to Front Bring to Front button Sets the currently selected image as the top layer of your slide
Send to Back Send to Back button Sets the currently selected image as the bottom layer of your slide
Selection Pane Selection Pane button Opens the Picture Selection pane, which organizes all images and image groups on your slide for easy modification
Align Align button Provides a variety of ways to align your image with other objects/images on the slide
Rotate Rotate button Allows you to rotate your image
Group Group button Allows you to group two or more images together so they behave as one object on your slide


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