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Microsoft Office 2007

Using WordArt in Excel and PowerPoint

WordArt provides additional formatting options for short blocks of text, making it easy for you to make distinctive display text within your document. Office 2007 provides a variety of preset WordArt designs, but you may also choose to create your own design . In Excel and PowerPoint, WordArt opens in a text box and can be resized or moved to fit your needs.

Documentation is also available for Using WordArt in Word.

return to topCreating WordArt

WordArt can be added to your Excel or PowerPoint document using a button on the Insert command tab.

  1. From the Insert command tab, in the Text group, click WORDARTWordArt button
    The WordArt Gallery dialog box appears.
    WordArt Gallery dialog box

  2. From the WordArt Gallery, select the desired style
    A WordArt text box appears in your document, with the placeholder text highlighted.

  3. Type the desired text
    Your selected WordArt and the Format command tab appears. For information about editing your WordArt, refer to Editing WordArt in Excel and PowerPoint.
    NOTE: If you click away from the WordArt text box, the placeholder text will not longer be highlighted. To re-highlight the text, double click within the text.

return to topResizing WordArt Text

Excel and PowerPoint allow you to select a specific font size for your WordArt.

  1. Select the WordArt text
    The text is highlighted.

  2. From the Ribbon, select the Home command tab

  3. In the Font group, from the Font Size pull-down list, select the desired font size
    In the Font group, in the Font Size text box, type the desired font size
    The WordArt is resized.

return to topMoving WordArt

If the WordArt you have created is in the wrong place, the image can be easily moved.

  1. Select the WordArt

  2. Place your pointer over the border of your WordArt

  3. When the pointer turns into a four-directional arrowFour-directional arrow pointer, click and drag the WordArt to the desired location

  4. Release the mouse
    The WordArt is moved.

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