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Microsoft Office 2003

Importing Clip Art from the Office 2003 Server

Office 2003 Clip Art is already installed on computers that have the Office 2003 software. However, additional Clip Art may be obtained from the Office 2003 server. This document explains how to import Clip Art from the server. Importing Clip Art from one of the Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, or FrontPage) will result in the Clip Art being updated for the other programs. You can also import Clip Art from the Web into the Clip Gallery. For information on how to do this, see Importing Clip Art From the Web.

The following instructions will work for faculty and staff working on their office desktop computers.  

return to topMapping to the Server

Before installing Clip Art into any Office 2003 programs, you must first map to the server where the Office 2003 Clip Art is stored.

  1. On the desktop, right click MY COMPUTER select Map Network Drive...
    The Map Network Drive dialog box appears.

  2. From the Drive pull-down list, select a drive
    NOTE: You can select any drive letter that is not already mapped.

  3. In the Folder text box, type \\software\office2003$

  4. Make sure there is not a checkmark next to Reconnect at logon

  5. Click FINISH
    The drive is mapped.
    NOTE: A dialog box listing the drive's contents may appear. If so, click the X in the upper right corner of the dialog box. This will not disconnect the drive.

return to topImporting the Clip Art

After mapping to the server, you can import Clip Art into the Clip Gallery of any Office 2003 program.

  1. From the Insert menu, select Picture » Clip Art...
    The Clip Art task pane appears.

  2. At the bottom of the task pane, click ORGANIZE CLIPS...
    The Microsoft Clip Organizer dialog box appears.
    If a dialog box appears asking whether you want to catalog all media files, click LATER

  3. From the File menu, select Add Clips to Organizer » On My Own...

  4. Using the Look in pull-down list, select office2003$ on 'software'

  5. Select the UWECClipArt folder

  6. Select the Clip Art file(s) you want to import

  7. Click ADD TO...

  8. Select a collection you want your Clip Art to appear in
    Create a new collection:
    1. Click NEW...
      The New Collection dialog box appears.
    2. In the Name text box, type a name for the collection
    3. Under the Select where to place the collection section, select the folder to contain the collection
    4. Click OK
      A new category is added.

  9. Click OK

  10. Click ADD
    The Clip Art is now added to the collection.

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