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Microsoft Outlook Webmail

Accessing Webmail

If your computer has an Internet connection with a recent version of a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer), you should have access to your Microsoft Outlook Web App account. You can access your Webmail account from any computer with a connection to the Internet.

  1. Connect to the Internet
    NOTE: If you are using a computer on campus, you should already be connected to the Internet.

  2. Open your web browser

  3. In the Address text box, type

  4. Press [Enter] or [return]
    The Microsoft Outlook Web App sign in dialog box appears.
    Outlook Webmail Log On screen

  5. In the Security section, select the appropriate option

This is a public or shared computer
You will need to sign in to Webmail again after two hours of inactivity

This is a private computer
You will need to sign in to Webmail again after 24 hours of inactivity
HINT: For more information, click SHOW EXPLANATION.

  1. To run a faster version of Webmail with fewer features, select Use the light version of Outlook Web App
    The option is selected if a checkmark appears.
    If you have low vision, or are using a computer with very strict browser security settings or a slow connection, use the light version of Outlook Web App.

  2. In the User name text box, type your username

  3. In the Password text box, type your password

  4. Click SIGN IN
    Microsoft Outlook Web App opens.
    NOTE: To protect your account from unauthorized access, after a certain amount of inactivity your session will close. If this happens, refresh your browser and repeat steps 5-9.

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