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Microsoft Outlook Webmail

Best Practices: Mail Tips

The following tips are meant to help you get the most out of your Outlook Web App mailbox.


Check your email regularly.

Clean out your mailbox regularly by deleting messages you no longer need.

Unsure of an Email Address?

Use the Check Names feature. In the To text box, type the person's name, or part of the email address. Then click CHECK NAMES. A list of possibilities will appear, and you can choose the correct one.
Check Names results
NOTE: If you have spelled the name incorrectly, the correct option will not appear. If you do not see the correct option in the list of possible matches, try typing only the part of the name you are sure of.

Quick Response

If you want a quick response to a message, set its importance as highImportance: High icon. When the recipient opens the message, they will see "This message was sent with High importance" above your text. A red exclamation point will also appear on the message in the list of messages.
High Importance message
You can filter your messages by importance. Messages with high importance will appear towards the beginning of the list of messages, so you can quickly respond to them.

Using the Infobar

The bar between the top toolbar and the To text box on a message is known as the infobar. It contains useful information about your message. The infobar tells you when a draft of the message was saved. If you clicked Reply All, it tells you just how many people will receive the message. And, provided you have confirmed the email address(es) using Check Names, the infobar can tell you if the person you are emailing is out of office or if you do not have the permissions to email a group. It is a good idea to look at the infobar before you send a message.
Infobar example

Mailbox Views

Decide whether you want to use conversation view. Using conversation view means you can view all messages in a conversation at once (i.e., all messages with the same subject). However, if you are not used to this new feature, you can miss a particular response, especially if several arrive around the same time. If you were expecting multiple responses to an email and do not see one or more, or simply prefer to have your emails arranged by date, turn off conversation view.

Outlook Web App also allows you to decide where you would like the reading pane, the area in which the text of a message appears. The default position is on the right side of the window, but it can also appear at the bottom of the window, or not at all.

Searching for a Message

You may want to refer to a message that is not immediately obvious in the list of messages. Using the search and filter features, you should be able to find whatever you are looking for. If you are unsure whether the message is in your inbox or another folder, search the entire mailbox. If you remember that it had an attachment, or that you flagged it, you can filter your messages so that only messages that have attachments and were flagged appear.

When you have finished, be sure to delete the search and remove any filters to see your entire mailbox again.

Refer to the Microsoft help document Search for an Item for more information.

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