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Microsoft Outlook Webmail

Managing Your Account Quota

There are several things you can do to keep your Microsoft Outlook Webmail account organized and operational. This document will familiarize you with these maintenance terms and techniques, including the following:

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To help efficiently use limited resources at UW-Eau Claire, account quotas have been applied to campus email accounts. When you reach the quota, your rights will immediately be restricted.

Student Quota
Faculty/Staff Quota
Rights Restricted
490 MB 490 MB may no longer send messages
500 MB 500 MB may no longer send or receive messages

You will not receive any warning before your rights are restricted.
This quota does not apply to your H: drive; it is specific to the your email account.
Upon reaching the limit, you may request that your quota be raised. Contact

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Become familiar with the items on the following list, and keep in mind that they all contribute to your account quota because they take up file space.

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You will want to monitor your mailbox size on a regular basis; the more traffic on the account (e.g., number of messages you send/receive, number of entries on your calendar), the faster your account will approach its quota.

  1. In the Navigation pane, hover over your name
    A window appears, showing you how much mailbox space you have used and how much space you have left.
    View Quota window

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It is a good idea to clean up your email account on a regular basis to keep your folders organized, optimize Microsoft Outlook's performance, and make sure that you do not exceed your account quota. The following table provides some guidance regarding how to carry out your cleanup:

Cleanup Tips
See Related

Delete any messages that you no longer need

Delete a Message

After saving needed attachments to an appropriate location, delete the message if it is not needed

Working with Attachments

Review your Contacts; delete Contacts and groups you no longer use


Delete messages in the Deleted Items folder

Learn About Deleted Items

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